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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Do It Yourself

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

How to make woman and man happy?

How to Make a Woman Happy

It's not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be:
1. a friend
2. a companion
3. a lover
4. a brother
5. a father
6. a master
7. a chef
8. an electrician
9. a carpenter
10. a plumber
11. a mechanic
12. a decorator
13. a stylist
14. a sexologist
15. a gynecologist
16. a psychologist
17. a pest exterminator
18. a psychiatrist
19. a healer
20. a good listener
21. an organizer
22. a good father
23. very clean
24. sympathetic
25. athletic
26. warm
27. attentive
28. gallant
29. intelligent
30. funny
31. creative
32. tender
33. strong
34. understanding
35. tolerant
36. prudent
37. ambitious
38. capable
39. courageous
40. determined
41. true
42. dependable
43. passionate
44. compassionate


45. give her compliments regularly
46. love shopping
47. be honest
48. be very rich
49. not stress her out
50. not look at other girls

51. give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
52. give her lots of time, especially time for herself
53. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes
54. Never to forget:
* birthdays
* anniversaries
* arrangements she makes

1. Show up naked
2. Bring food


Singaporean and Malaysian

A Singaporean was on holiday in Malaysia. He was all having his coffee,
croissants, bread, butter & jam at the hotel's coffee house. A Malaysian
man who was chewing gum, sat down next to him & started a casual
Malaysian : "You Singaporeans eat the whole bread?"
Singaporean : "Of course."
Malaysian : "We don't. In Malaysia, we only eat what's inside. The
crusts we collect in a container, recycle it, transform
them into croissants & sell them across to

The Malaysian then had a smirk on his face while the Singaporean listened
in silence.
Malaysian : "Do you eat the jam with the bread?"
Singaporean : "Of course."
Malaysian (chuckling): "We don't. In Malaysia, we eat fresh fruit
for breakfast, then we put all the peels, seeds & other left-overs in a
container, recycle them, transform them into jam, before we sell it across to

This time, the Singaporean retorted : "Do you have sex in Malaysia?"
Malaysian : "Why, of course we do"
Singaporean : "Do you wear protection"
Malaysian : "Of course! We wear condoms."
Singaporean : "And what do you do with the condoms once you've used them?"
Malaysian : "Stupid question ! Of course we throw them away."
Singaporean : "We don't. In Singapore, the government secretly puts them in a container, recycle them, melt them
down into chewing gum & sell them across to Malaysia & that's the real reason why we banned
chewing gum in Singapore."

Just a joke guy :)


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Smart Guy

A Chinese man walks into a bank in New York City and asks forthe loan officer.
He tells the loan officer that he is goingto China on business for two weeks and needs to borrow $5,000.

The bank officer tells him that the bank will needsome form of security for the loan, so the Chinese man handsover the keys to a new Ferrari parked on the street in frontof the bank.

He produces the title and everything checks out.The loan officer agrees to accept the car as collateral forthe loan. The bank's president and its officers all enjoy agood laugh at the Chinese for using a $250,000 Ferrari ascollateral against a $5,000 loan.

An employee of the bankthen drives the Ferrari into the bank's underground garage and parks it there.
Two weeks later, the Chinese returns, repays the $5,000 andthe interest, which comes to $15.41.
The loan officer says,"Sir, we are very happy to have had your business, and this transaction has worked out very nicely, but we are a little puzzled. While you were away, we checked you out and found that you are a multi-millionaire. What puzzles us is, why would you bother to borrow $5,000?"

The Chinese replies:"Where else in New York City can I park my car for two weeksfor
only $15.41 and expect it to be there when I return?"

Ah you see, the mind of the Chinese.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Sad Story....

SENG, Beng, and Heng were at a convention together and were sharing a large suite at the top of a 75-storey skyscraper.

After a long day of meetings, they were shocked to hear that the lifts in the hotel had broken down and they would have to climb 75 level of stairs to get to their room.

Seng said to Beng and Heng: 'Let's break the monotony of this unpleasant task by concentrating on something interesting.
'I'll tell jokes for 25 level, and Beng can sing songs for 25 level, and Heng can tell sad stories the rest of the way.'

At the 26th floor, Seng stopped telling jokes and Beng began to sing.
At the 51st floor, Beng stopped singing and Heng began to tell sad stories.

'I will tell my saddest story first,' he said.
'I left the room key in the car!'